Full Body Stretch

Maximize Movement, Minimize Tension

A woman stretching a man's arms on a massage tableAt Earth and Stone Massage Spa in Cañon City, Colorado, we recognize that everyone - from the elite athlete to the everyday individual - desires the freedom of movement. Introducing our Full Body Stretching therapy: a transformational 60-minute session designed to elevate your mobility and enhance your posture.

Unveiling Stretch Therapy

While many of us indulge in spontaneous stretches upon waking or around workouts, there's an elevated experience awaiting with assisted stretching. This therapy is about more than just lengthening muscles; it's about honing in on individual muscle groups and improving their flexibility. Assisted stretching aids in restoring the full range of motion to joints, enabling your body to rediscover movement without discomfort.

  • Personalized Consultation
    Every session commences with a discussion about your specific objectives, areas of concern, and medical background. Tailoring each stretch to your unique needs is paramount to us.

  • Varied Techniques
    We employ diverse methodologies, such as Active Assisted Stretch, Active Isolated Stretch (AIS), Muscle Energy Technique (MET), Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), and Facilitated Stretching, ensuring a comprehensive experience.

  • Comfort Above All
    Rest assured, our focus is on your comfort. While you might feel a sensation of pulling or tension, communication with your therapist ensures that the stretching remains within your comfort zone.

Why Opt for Stretch Therapy?

While stretching may seem fundamental, its benefits are profound. When executed with the finesse of a trained therapist, the outcomes can be transformative for both body and mind. The advantages of therapist-assisted stretching include:

  • Improved Flexibility
    Experience a broader range of motion.

  • Enhanced Circulation
    Promote healthier blood flow.

  • Reduced Joint Strain
    Move effortlessly with minimal joint stress.

  • Posture Perfection
    Stand tall with improved alignment.

  • Minimized Pain
    Experience relief from chronic aches.

Stretching and Massage: A Perfect Union

More than relaxation, a massage offers therapeutic benefits, particularly when complemented with assisted stretching. This dual approach relaxes muscles with massage and then leverages this relaxation to deepen the stretch. The outcomes extend beyond muscle and joint wellness; they encompass improved circulation, impeccable posture, and enhanced pain relief.

As the significance of both exercise and recovery gains prominence, we at Earth and Stone Massage Spa are proud to fuse these techniques, offering our clients an unparalleled wellness experience.

Join us on this rejuvenating journey, and let us stretch the boundaries of what you believed possible for your body's mobility and well-being. Book your session at Earth and Stone Massage Spa in Cañon City, Colorado today.

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